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Date Rape

Being convicted of rape can have serious consequences. Among other things, offenders can face lengthy jail time, registration as a sex offender, and restrictive probation. A sexual abuse attorney at Laguzzi Law, P.C. can help. If you are facing charges of rape or other sexual abuse crimes, you need a lawyer who has the expertise and full commitment to defend your rights so that you can achieve the optimal outcome to your case. Carina Laguzzi is exceptionally skilled and has extensive experience in helping defendants successfully fight rape charges.

Date Rape

Rape is defined as non-consensual sexual intercourse that is committed by violence or the threat of violence. In situations of date rape, the victim generally knows his or her attacker, but has not consented to sexual intercourse with that person. Drugs and alcohol are usually involved in situations of date rape. Because of the violent and often demeaning nature of these crimes, it is important to contact a sexual assault lawyer as soon as possible. A skilled legal team may be able to get rape charges dropped before the case ever goes to trial.

What Constitutes Consent?

A person who explicitly says "no" to sexual advances is clearly denying consent. However, some situations are not that clear-cut. For instance, a person can be non-consensual if that person is:

  • Under force or the threat of force
  • Judgmentally impaired due to drugs or alcohol
  • Mentally impaired due to illness or disability
  • Under the legal age of consent that applies to that state

The line between consensual and non-consensual sexual intercourse can be easily blurred. This can result in a wrongful conviction for rape unless a defendant has an experienced lawyer who has the skill, knowledge, and expertise necessary to mount a strong, aggressive defense. The critical factor between a conviction or an acquittal (or a complete dismissal) of a case is usually the quality and strength of the defense. If you have been charged with rape, a highly skilled sexual abuse attorney can defend your rights and help you achieve the optimal outcome for your case. Do not hesitate to contact us today.

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