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Representing You in a Criminal Case

"Whenever someone finds out I specialize in criminal defense, they ask 'why' with a puzzled look.  Defending people facing criminal charges is not a television's rendition of ensuring the bad guy gets "get off".  It is actually helping good people who may have made a mistake, or been falsely accused.  I explain criminal law is a direct way of getting people to get back on their feet, and assuring that both law enforcement officials and prosecutors follow the Constitution."

- Carina Laguzzi, Esquire

My firm is committed to ensuring clients feel they are receiving the best representation by treating them as individuals.  This includes ensuring they understand a complicated legal process, being kept up to date on the case's progress, and feeling involved in the preparation of their legal strategy.

I invite you to browse this website and contact the office with any questions.  You will find I am prepared and caring in helping you navigate this complicated journey.

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Firm Mission

The law was once pure.  Lawyers were solely concerned with representing clients to their benefit, and provided the best advocacy for each client.  Today's business climate has changed that atmosphere in the law where quantity has replaced quality. 

Here, we are committed to providing the best legal representation for each client.  Specifically, this means ensuring that each client is fully aware of the process of their case, being updated on the status of their case, answering questions completely, returning calls and letters promptly, and understanding that clients are individuals with different needs.

This commitment provides a guarantee to all clients of personalized attention for their case and awareness of each case's strengths and weaknesses for the assessment on how best to proceed.

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